As Chicago continuously flattens the curve, there is hope that the crisis will end soon. In these struggling times, it is important to not forget to find the simple joys in our daily lives. And while social distancing and other measures are still in place, we will keep being creative to let families experience the little things they look forward to.

If you are hosting for an expecting mom or you are planning your own baby shower, let us help you out. Here are some ways you can make it fun and most importantly, safe for everyone.

Personalized Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun, it can be customized according to the wants of the mom-to-be. It has probably been weeks since mommy was outside and asking immediate family members to dress up a little could liven up the baby shower even if it is just at home. Maybe you know their favorite artists or characters and can build the baby shower theme around this idea. A pajama party can be a comfortable theme for the expecting mom. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it will be an easy baby shower theme to fulfill especially during this quarantine.

Indoor Maternity Photo Session

Because social gatherings are restricted at the moment, you may want to hit two things at once. Celebrate the coming of a new baby and have an intimate indoor maternity photo session. If you’re hosting one for an expectant mom, this will be a fun baby shower gift for the couple. Maternity sessions are best done between 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy which is also just the best time to have a baby shower.

If you plan to get a maternity photo shoot and have a separate baby shower, schedule the photo session as early as 28 weeks of pregnancy so you can use them in your invitations.

Cynthia and Nick having a fun maternity photo session in our studio.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Even if you can’t have a baby shower with friends and family during the quarantine period, you can still have fun and play virtual baby shower games with them. Make sure to schedule this ahead of time so your participants can prepare. An electronic invitation will be a perfect way to formally invite them and let them know about the games. They can even join in with the baby shower theme if they want to.

If you’re looking for more ideas, we found this list of fun virtual baby shower games you can try. Feel free to explore more games! Here’s a tip, bookmark this article so you can always come back when you need to remind yourself of what you need.


Crafting Keepsakes for the New Baby

Welcome the birth of a new baby and craft keepsakes for a lasting memory. This can be any item that may be used by the baby as they grow. Some creative ideas we found include keeping a time-capsule for the baby to be opened when they turn 18, or having a children’s book signed by guests.

Some keepsake arts and crafts with mommy can also make baby showers more fun and memorable. Create a customized cover for a baby photobook or a personalized baby keepsake library.

Loving Wishes for Mommy

When the going gets tough, it is always a nice thing to remember the support of the people around you. Cut out some colored papers or pretty stationary

where guests can write down there wishes and advices for the expecting mother. To give a much more emotional touch, guests can read theirs aloud one by one.

This can also be done virtually. Ending your fun virtual games with some loving wishes for mommy would be a great way to make your baby shower memorable (and safe!).