When it comes to getting your family photos, it can be tempting to make a quick search and pick the first available photographer you can find. But buyer beware–capturing a family photo that you’ll be proud to display for generations to come takes a highly skilled photographer who knows how to cater to your needs. While most people know that they should take the time to vet their wedding photographer, or a staff photographer for a company, what they don’t know is that finding the right photographer for your family portraits is just as important.

Don’t know what to look for? Don’t stress! We’ve put together a list of five must-asks that should help you figure out whether or not any given photographer is the right option for your family.

How much experience do they have?
Experience is crucial when it comes to getting the right family photo. If you’re looking for a gorgeous Christmas card or a nice new framed photo for Grandma to put on the mantle, you don’t necessarily want to go with a photographer who is “just starting out.”. One of the first questions you should ask any photographer is: “how much experience do you have?” Ask to look at some of their work samples to determine if their image quality and style is a good fit for your family. You’ll want a photographer who has the resources and experience necessary to capture the exact kind of pictures you’re looking for–while also being able to handle the oftentimes chaotic nature of a family shoot.

What types of photography do they specialize in?
If you have a specific look for the photos in mind, make sure to ask the photographer what their specialties are.. Some photographers are better at doing posed shots, while others prefer to go for more of a candid look. You’ll want to know ahead of time what a photographer’s preferred style is, and make sure it matches what you’re looking for before you book them.

Do they have a lot of repeat clients?
When reviewing a photographer’s past work, look to see if any of the families came back for more photos. The best photographers will often become the go-to choice for families if they need photos again for another milestone, like an engagement, wedding, newborn photo session, etc.. If a photographer has the same clients coming back again and again, that’s a good sign that their work is strong and consistent—and that they’re easy to work with.

How flexible are they with cancelling or rescheduling?
We all do our best to stick to the appointments we schedule, but sometimes “life happens…” and you have to cancel or reschedule.. Be sure to ask about your photographer’s cancelation policy and whether you would be able to reschedule your shoot, if necessary. Some companies have very strict policies, while others are more flexible. Don’t overlook this detail when doing your research!

Do they know how to handle your family’s needs?
You may have unique concerns based on your family’s needs or challenges. Maybe you have a child who needs special attention, or you want to capture some poses that are outside of the box. While it helps to have a photographer who has experience in these fields,, the most important thing is finding someone who will be understanding, compassionate, and will work with you to get your family the great photos you deserve!

With these five questions, you’ll be able to narrow down potential photographers and find one who is a perfect fit with your family. Remember, it may not be your wedding day, but family photos are just as important for capturing the moment, and you should always do a little research before picking your photographer. Your relatives, children, grandchildren (and beyond) will all thank you!

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