We had so much fun photographing Lee Clark Edwards and her beautiful parents, Samantha and Jeffrey Edwards! This family was our first baby photo session after we opened our newly redesigned studio, and we loved getting to photograph Lee at just over a month old and then again for her 백일, which means first 100 days. This photoshoot is a Korean tradition and was requested by the baby’s grandmother.

Samantha picked us to do the shoot because she loved how we combined the traditional, old-fashioned photo shoot with a modern, fun style. We also have a full wardrobe and props for babies, a convenient nursery room and many different sets designed for baby and children’s photo sessions, and we used a lot of our sets and props for our sessions with baby Lee. We even managed to coax a few smiles out of the normally serious baby, which was rewarding for all!

We hope you enjoy our photos of this beautiful family and will join with us in celebrating Lee’s first 100 days!

Saehee and Soohyun